MyTec Solutions is an IT, Safety and Security Consulting organization and solution providers. It is based in Islamabad, specialized in Networks Data Centers, CCTV maintenance, and Firefighting Equipment further more we provide best solutions for your Network Architecture, safety and security solutions. MyTec Solutions is fully committed and capable to provide first class Security & IT and consultancy services.

MyTec Solutions provides consulting, design and planning services to help develop business models, design networks for our Clients. We provide architecture, design and implementation planning, rapid integration and project management for your network and system infrastructure. We help you securely integrate and support data, voice and video networks, design intelligent network infrastructures, leverage new technologies and quickly seize opportunity in order to connect, run and grow your business.


MyTec Solutions is an organization involved in a number of businesses. It is based in Islamabad, Pakistan and has specialized in all IT Related Solutions, Aviation Communication and Fire Fighting Equipment.

MyTec Solutions is a business professional organization with creative approach in their work. Satisfy vital needs of business. Visualize new dimensions in the field. We offer customized services that fits the best, according customer needs we MyTec Solutions believes providing services beyond customer expectation and we do not believe in limitation as we are a team of Multi skills and Multi-talented individuals of different professional backgrounds aimed to provide the services.



Management Group

MyTec Solutions continues to be managed by the founding members. Many of our consultants committed to work with us for longer period which would enable us to guarantee clients a consistent point of contact and to build genuine working relationships. All our consultants are able to draw on a wealth of experience and technical knowledge to assist you in meeting your expectations. We believe that one of the keys providing a reliable quality solution is ensuring that all staff, whether they be managers, consultants or back-office support staff, understand the importance of client service. Perhaps uniquely, all members of our selection team have practical experience of systems, architecture, and implementation details which greatly assists them in delivering right product.

Organizational Structure

MyTec Solutions is 1 year old organization and has been recently reformed. The strategy and direction for this is to master and provide state-of-the-art IT solutions to local and foreign markets. The organizational chart has been intentionally kept very simple and hierarchy has been very flat, where possible. The teams and groups are structured based on the current industry trend. The main focus is to keep the groups more focused, informal and integrated.

The current high-level structure is


These groups are formed based on our strong experience and best practices followed by most successful organizations around the world. We are focused to translate our experience into your success and future. The talent and experience is committed to deliver according to business demands and hence you can capitalize on the business opportunities around you.